Ultimate Guide – How to submit guest post successfully

Guest posts of premium quality never go out of demand. SEO gurus know the value of highly researched guest posts and the type of crazy traffic that they are capable of bringing in. Let us start by defining what a guest post really is.

What is a guest post?

Guest post is a blog that you have written and got it published it on some other renowned blog. Usually the blog on which you get it published is related to your niche of content marketing or industry. The primary reason for getting guest posts published is because of the added exposure that they provide to websites. The back links created help get your website great exposure to get better search engine rankings.

Why guest post is important?

The first thing that we need to keep in mind and remind the so-called self-proclaimed SEO is that guest posting is not dead. Unless you are bent upon using guest posting for repetitive and spammy content and you are not writing original content. Google is fine with guest posts which are written with the intent to educate users on a certain topic.

There is no question that getting good links from authoritative websites would definitely add to your website’s domain authority. And the guest posts that you publish on high quality websites also ensure that you get more traffic on your website. You also need to make sure that when your guest post is published on a website, make sure to share it on the different social networks so that Google knows about its existence.

How to find guest post opportunities?

Search for the websites on Google which are related to your website. You must shortlist the websites which have their own blogs which is regularly updated with fresh content. Some websites do offer guest posting while others do not allow anyone else to write content for them.

You need to make sure that you assess each website and create an email that targets all the websites that you have shortlisted. Make sure when you are targeting websites that they are closely related to the market or industry in which you are working. Like said before, Google does not like the idea of cropping up links through guest posts at irrelevant blogs.

Tips for writing quality guest posts

Here are some important tips that you need to follow in order to ensure that your guest post is accepted.

Read Guidelines Carefully

One of the major reasons why a lot of people fail to impress a blogger is that they either do not care or fail to understand what the blogger really wants from the content. This happens most of the times and when you submit your content, it is rejected invariably. In order to make sure that your content is accepted read the guidelines. Some of the typical guidelines include length of the post, quality of the content, the topics that are entertained by the blog and things that you need to avoid.

Do not try to impress the blogger by something of your own. Try to stick to the guidelines. Make sure that you have understood the guidelines before starting. Make sure to ask if you have any doubts about a particular instruction that you failed to understand.

Reply Patiently for Response

When we are sending emails to bloggers for requesting publishing of a guest post, we often find it overwhelming that a lot of them do not respond back to us. However, what we often fail to understand is that most of the big and successful bloggers never have enough time to go through all their email. And you are most probably not the only one requesting them for a guest blog.

Therefore, when you submit a request, wait to see their response. Do not jump to any conclusion and in case you did not a response for more than a week or ten days, send a friendly reminder. And if you are still not able to get any response, give the blogger more time.

Read The Blog

When you are in the process of finding the right topic for your guest post, start by reading the blog post itself. Analyze and evaluate the various categories on which content has already been generated. You need to understand the type of responses received against different types of content published. Now you also need to consider choosing a niche which is closely related to your own website. This way you will not be finding it hard to write on something you do not know and writing about something which you feel confident about. Select a title that you will be writing. Try to provide the blogger with multiple titles to help them select the one which they like the most.

Research Before Writing

Once your blog post’s title has been selected, it is time you need to start the research. Big bloggers haven’t been able to become so successful because of pure luck. They attained a position because they worked hard for it. And one of the things that they always did was writing content with in-depth research. They never take anything for granted. Therefore, when you are writing something for such a big blog, make sure that you have done in-depth research and understood the topic in detail before scribbling about it. A poorly researched content lacks depth and the audiences of smart blogs understand and downgrade a poorly written blog post in a heartbeat.

Write Long Form Posts

Google has made a lot of changes to its ranking algorithm. And many bloggers have also shifted their writing from 500 to 600 words blog posts to more lengthy posts ranging from 1500 to 2000 words. Therefore, when you are writing a guest post, never make it short for your convenience. Instead, write in depth and do not miss anything important parts. Otherwise a short guest post will not only fail to impress the readers but would hardly create any desired SEO impact.

Use Headings

Use of headings provides structure to your guest posts. Imagine a lot of text with just paragraphs and no headings. How would you like to go through this much text? It would become very hard to grasp the main idea. Always remember that a lot of readers do not read all the text within a blog post. They are just text skimmers who just read the main points and move on to something new. They really do not have the luxury of time to read everything and decipher to great lengths. Therefore always make intelligent use of headings.

Keyword Usage

SEO is one of the most important if not the only reason why we write guest posts. Do not forget that unless you intelligently use keywords, you will not be able to attract any users. Organic traffic is derived out of guest posts that have been inserted with intelligent keywords. Make sure that you are keeping the keyword density not exceeding 1.5%. Also insert keywords at the beginning, middle and end to ensure that when the search engine crawls text, it finds what it is looking for and accordingly category the content.

Insert Links Allowed

One of the main points to follow with guest posting guidelines is the amount and type of links allowed by the blogger. Therefore, make sure you fully understand those guidelines when inserting links. Some of the things that are usually include inserting a do-follow or no-follow link, placement of link at any given point in the text, insertion of other links that the blogger wants you to link to and links in author bio if there is one allowed.

Never try to force the blogger to favor you with links. If your content is of high quality, your guest post will attract traffic without a doubt. If you do not know the different types of links that are out there, you need to Google and understand them, especially when you are writing for a meticulous blogger.

Proofread The Content

Every guest post needs to be proofread thoroughly before being submitted to a blogger. Always remember that poorly crafted blog posts that have spelling, grammar and other language usage issues do not go well at all. This is one of the other primary reasons why they do not entertain blogs that are not written properly.

The best way to do that is to read the guest post several times before submitting. Ideally, you should also take help from word processing software. But do not solely rely upon yourself or entirely on the word processing software. Use both to make sure that you have eradicated all such issues. Big and busy bloggers do not have time to read lengthy posts. They want to receive guest posts which have been thoroughly proofread.


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