Whitehats, a member of the Pharaon Group of Companies is an IT company based in Dubai providing solutions for Software, Networking and Communications support. Whitehats is serving since 2007, having command over the services for Search Engine Optimization, and Web Design. We are a specialized group of highly trained IT professionals belonging whose first preference is to understand and serve customers as per their specific business needs.

We At Whitehats aim to raise the profitability of your online presence by transforming of your websites traffic into profitable business conversions. We at Whitehats use hi-tech analytics tool to analyze data and manage online marketing campaigns that are entirely performance driven.

Whitehats clientele has clients belonging to leading & well recognized brands based in UAE. Whitehats always has a positive approach towards its clients by understanding their problems and solving them.




Search Engine Optimization

Web Designing

Web Portal Solutions

Content Management Systems


Unified Communication Solutions

Wireless Freedom

IT setup/ Infrastructure

Mobile Worker Solutions


R.Pharaon. & Fils was established in 1868 in Beirut, Lebanon. Since then, this family-owned company rapidly expanded and diversified into fields like Insurance, Household Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Agrochemicals, Industrial and Domestic Gases, Flavours and Fragrances, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipment.



The Group has been in business for more than 30 years in UAE. Whitehats LLC has been in the IT business since 2007. The management consists of trained and experienced professional from different service industries who are fully capable of managing all customers IT concerns in a speedily manner.

Our specialists understand how internet marketing channels and usability work together resulting in greater ROI by relying upon multiple avenues of revenue streams available.

We at Whitehats create SEO campaigns that are developed while keeping the latest algorithmic changes and web content creation as well as marketing practices in context. Our SEO team analyzes your industry, specifies keywords and accordingly allocates resources to deliver meaning results.


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