10 Link Building Myths Busted.

Everyone knows links are crucial for any SEO strategy. According to Google , links are one of two main ranking factors. While chances of ranking a page without back links are slim, we hear lot of disinformation and myths surrounding link building. This is due to Google`s evolving search algorithm that keeps changing over time. With the integration of Penguin 4.0 into Google`s algorithm, there are few big changes in the way search engine ranking works.

Here are few commonly found myths about SEO link building.

Myth 1 # Link Building is Dead.

Many of you may have heard that links are losing strength. There is a reason for this myth, first is links built do not generate traffic quickly for the website, so people start believing it is ineffective. Secondly, due to link building penalties and a lot of spamming this process has earned negative reputation. However, the truth is the link building is still vital for the search engine ranking and important today as ever.

Myth 2 # Built it, and Traffic Will Come.

You may not have the patience to create great quality content and wait for readers to find you on their own. Without getting links to your blog how people are supposed to find you? Its true content is important and plays a vital role in driving traffic  but only if you promote that content in right way. Links from credible and relevant sources with on page keyword optimization is  way to go and will definitely help you in getting more website visitors.

Myth 3# Create Content, and they will Link.

No matter how many tactics you use, there is no alternative or substitute for creating quality contents that others may find useful.  You must have a look at other blog posts that are already ranked well on a search engine and notice their structure, style, and quality and word placement in URL and tags. So you must be creating great content worth linking to.

Myth 4# All Backlinks are Good.

You must first conduct backlink analysis to identify who is linking to competitor’s websites that not linking to yours. Any sites linking to your competitors can be requested to link with you as well.  It will be based on the mutual understanding that you will be sharing the links. So not all backlinks can be good. Remember a truth about backlinks that

  • Not every backlink is good.
  • Too many backlinks can be problematic.
  • Don’t ignore Anchor text.
  • Website structure and content is vital.
  • Spammy backlinks will be harmful.

Myth 5#Too much commenting is Good.

Too much interacting and commenting is not good. You should only make useful comments but over doing anything has its own consequences so overdoing commenting may also adversely affect your ranking. You may even get penalized by Google for over doing it.

Myth 6 # using many social bookmarks will bring many hits.

Many website host contents with too many social media bookmarks button with little or poor quality content on it. These easy to use buttons allow readers to share the content on social media.  Some of the social media bookmarking services will make a copy of what you bookmark including do follow link. You must encourage social bookmarking as it will be beneficial, but again you should not be over doing it.

 Myth 7# Quality over Quantity.

There is no doubt, quality of back links matters a lot but having said this you must not be ignoring the quantity of back links. It is a common misconception that quality wins over quantity however, just to clarify having 100s of bad quality links will not take you anywhere perhaps it may result in penalty. Nor 15 or 20 highly quality back links will translate into any success. If you have only 20 good quality back links with domain rating 80, it will be good, but in case your competitor has 5000 back-links with even lower domain rating like 60 will easily beat you in search engine ranking.

Myth # 8: Nofollow Links Have Zero Value in SEO.

Nofollow links instructs search engine bots that the hyperlink should not influence the search engine index ranking. SEO professionals usually hate no follow links even if it is secured from genuine sources and can help generating traffic.  But this largely held belief is a myth and far from true. In reality, No follow links can be a source of sending a lot of traffic that comes through referrals. Therefore, there is no reason to hate it. Perhaps, no follow links are the part of any natural backlink profile. So remember no follow link from genuine source can do a lot good for your website.

Myth # 9: Forum and Directory Links are SPAM.

Listing of the business in directory, forums, and blog comments link was part of almost every SEO strategy. Many people abused and used this method to manipulate the links.  It was a type of black hat link building strategy. However, with the introduction of Penguin algorithm that penalized spammers, people started thinking that that listing in forum or directory links is considered as spamming.  However, the truth is these links if used strategically can result in conversations and quality traffic.

Myth # 10:  More than one link from the same website is useless.

Many people have a very wrong idea about what spamming is. Perhaps, they will tell you not to link to them for the second time because it may get penalized from Google. Well, it sounds funny why it would harm if you link to different pages from the same source it should not. If you have good quality articles on your website, then it should be no problem in link building from the same source as they want to do it and it will always help you get more traffic. I would not even be worried about getting links from non-relevant websites. So, I have doubt saying links coming from websites that are from totally different niche can be very helpful.


Summary Link building is one of the most important part of SEO strategy. There are some common myths associated with link building like some people even believe link building is dead, quality matters more over quantity, and all backlinks are good, etc., however, all of these myths are not true.



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