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Basic SEO Checklist for New Websites

When you start a new website there are so many things which you need to focus on. This blog post only looks at some of the most basic stuff you must take care of in order to let it take off. Here goes the list of some of the most minimal tasks to perform.



The first thing that you need to be careful about is the Robots.txt file. This is an important file and it controls access of search engines to various parts of the website. One of the biggest mistakes that webmasters commit is not checking their robots.txt. In one scenario they totally lack a robots.txt which means they are allowing every kind of search engine bots to access any part of the website. While at the other extreme, they have a robots.txt which is blocking access to all search engine bots (good and the evil ones) from getting to any part of the website. Make sure that your website’s robots.txt file has been accurately configured otherwise it would cost your business a lot of money.


Google Analytics & Webmaster (Search Console)

As soon as your website is up and running, ready for the users to visit, make sure to install Google Analytics and Search Console. These two tools are offered by Google to help you sort out issues related to your website, monitor traffic and see keyword rankings among so many other things. Before you start worrying about the cost, the best thing is that these two tools are free of cost. The biggest advantage of installing these tools right from the start is you get all the information you need from the onset. However, if you fail to do that, you would not get a clue about the lost traffic, website problems and any other issues needing urgent attention.


Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are also important. You need to have social media accounts setup for your website. Even if you do not have the time to update them now, you may need to secure them as there can be an issue of name availability. Always make sure that you take the time to consider different options. Sometimes you may not exact URLs for your social media accounts; you can still get a variant of that instead of not getting anything at all. It is important to have social media accounts as search engines would rank your website higher in terms of SEO and users may like to interact with your business.


Submission to Search Engines

During the early days of your website, it may not get indexed by many search engines. In that case you may need to get it indexed. The idea is to make sure that all important search engines know about your website’s existence. Google, Yahoo and Bing are few of the search engines out there. There are hundreds of search engines you can submit your website to. The more the number of submissions, greater would be traffic. Therefore, do not consider any search unimportant. However, make sure you do not submit your website to spamming websites.


Website Content

Website content is an important part of your website. Make sure that you do not just copy and paste the content from other websites. It would only create problems for your website’s ranking. Search engines want to show websites which are offering original content. Create your own content or hire a professional content writing service to ensure uniqueness and value for the end users.

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