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How Lack of SEO Kills Web Business?

Ever wondered what would your website be like without SEO? Some people who are starting out internet businesses, plan to solely rely upon social media advertisement and other forms of online promotions instead of SEO. Here are some of the worst side effects that your website would encounter.


No Search Engine Will Like You

Search engines like to showcase websites that are easily discoverable. When you are not focusing on your SEO, it means you would not undertake any efforts to promote your website. This would result in your website getting ignored by the search engines. What good is a website that search engines really don’t like unless; it is not for a purpose of receiving website traffic. Once your website is ignored by you, it won’t be showed to the users in search engine results, which would mean no one would visit your online presence, something that keeps most online entrepreneurs up at night.


You Would Have No New Traffic

No SEO no website traffic. SEO is one of the most important if not the most critical element in receiving new traffic. When you are not doing search engine optimization, you are basically making sure that your website goes unnoticed. No new traffic would mean that your website will not receive any new traffic. It is very important for a website to not only receive repeated visitors but also new ones in order to determine if it is reaching out to any new audiences or not. Therefore, make sure to take care of that aspect.


The Website Will Never Rank On Anything Online

Are you familiar with Alexa rank? There are so many different websites that rank your website using different algorithms of their own. When you are talking not doing any SEO, you are basically implying that you would not be ranked on any website. If no website ranks you at all, it is a very dreadful thing to have. It means facing real issues when it comes to getting recognized by the online community of entrepreneurs. For example, a lot of competing websites in any niche keep on comparing their Alexa rank with other websites.

You Would Have No Keyword Positions To Brag About

No SEO also means that you would not be recognized in terms of the keywords that you are supposed to. For example, imagine that you are a digital marketing firm that is targeting customers for “digital marketing agency in dubai”. But, you have not done any SEO, so you did not target any keyword related to the Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai. In the end, you would be finding it difficult to get relevant industry customers. On the other hand, your competitive businesses with online websites would be getting a lot of traffic on keywords similar to “digital marketing agency in dubai”.

The Competitors Will Earn Money Online – You Won’t

The primary motive of web entrepreneurs online is strictly changing from just an information provider to having ecommerce existence. In order to make sure that your website earns money you need to increase the amount of traffic it receives. The problem of having no SEO for your website is that you would not be able to attract a lot of traffic. This means not having enough potential customers to convert into business. Therefore, always keep in mind that if your website’s SEO has not been done properly, it would seriously hurt your capacity to earn revenues online.

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