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How Would Email Look Like In Future?

Email is something that so many people predicted to be dead by now. But, it is still going strong and growth with each passing day. Email is something to remain for the foreseeable future because of so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons for Email to remain is that there are no suitable substitutes in sight. However, this does not mean that email would remain the same. There are a lot of things which would change the way we use email nowadays. Here are some of the ways Email is predicted to change.

More Collaborative Features

Currently, Emails only include the intended users. You can add more users using the features like BCC and CC. However, managing three way communications can become extremely difficult. The increased text makes the entire conversation cluttering and makes it difficult for the email to load. The CC and BCC features are added based on the philosophy of offline conversation. There are many examples in which old features were replaced by new yet more effective ones. The share feature will probably dominate the BCC and CC. A comment function may be introduced replacing forwarding. And something suitable may come in place of reply all.

Intelligent Use of Emails

One of the biggest problems of Emails nowadays that still lingers on ever since its invention is SPAM. Many Email Filters have been introduced to weed out spam emails. However, we have not been able to successfully get rid of the spamming. Many companies invested huge chunks of money to overcome this issue. Gmail for example has already introduced the Priority Inbox that ensures you see the most important Emails on top of everything else. It also uses spam filters to identify and mark spam Emails. WhitehatsMedia online marketing company in Dubai ensures that your ads are ideally placed within the top search engine results

Phishing Attacks

Phishing is defined as “the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online.” However, the problem of phishing has become a lot more serious. People are still falling prey to the phishing attacks globally. The new way of managing Emails would have to come up with something which can take care of the Phishing once and for all.

Improved Level of Connectedness

The idea of a contextual inbox is not new. However, the ability to see things in context would definitely help avoid confusion. Imagine that you have received an email to which you were not part of in the earlier correspondence. You have just become a stakeholder but the amount of time available to you to respond is too less to get a grasp of things which have been discussed before. Now, if the email received by you has been given a pretext, allowing you to understand what has been previously discussed. You will be able to participate better in that discussion. The ability to add new events, things to do and other stuff, if made easier would ease the whole Emailing experience a lot more connected.

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