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Top 8 Reasons Your Facebook Campaign Isn’t Working

Facebook paid ads program is an ideal opportunity for PPC ( Pay per Click) marketers.  Although it is powerful advertising media, most of the companies end up with low click throughs and negative return on investments (ROI).

Here are few reasons, why your campaign is not working.

“Non-Targeted Ads.”

Despite offering powerful audience targeting capabilities, many advertisers fail to advertise to a specific audience. As a result, they end up targeting market that is either too short, too large, or not relevant to that particular product on sale. In case you don’t have any set limit of your market size, you may use results from your past campaigns to understand how well ads can be targeted. You should adjust your response according to Response of users.

“Wrong Use of Images.”

The major difference between Google Adwords and Facebook advertising is that people mainly use Facebook for social interactions while Google is used to search for information. Therefore users at Facebook tend to gloss over ads because they are not in a mindset to make a purchase.

“Your Headline is not getting Attention.”

Facebook ads have certain limitations on a number of words and characters that you can use. For example, a standard advert is 25 characters for title and 135 characters for your description; so you have to take advantage of a very limited number of words to convey your message. This may be difficult for you to write compelling headline under these limitations. Therefore this can be one of the reasons of users “skipping over ads” on the site. Therefore you should consider hiring professional company with relevant experience. This will help you generating a lot of activity from your investment with minimum frustration.

“No Clear Value Proposition.”

When you are advertising on Facebook, you should make sure you are targeting correctly identified segment of customers, and the headline of your advert should be tailored to address the needs of this particular segment. For example, A company ran the  Facebook adverts to persuade Mens to buy “Shoes of Prey” as Valentine gifts, but it failed to generate expected results mainly due to not having a clear value proposition in the advert.

“Not Performing  A/B Testing for Your Ad Copy.”

The only way to tell whether you headline or text in the description is effective as possible is to conduct split test of different options.You should be running at least two variations that will help you to identify which text is more compelling for users.

“Staleness of Ads.”

As Facebook users usually tend to “glaze over” at the sight of advertisement, staleness should be the important concern for advertising on Facebook.  Many experts believe ads become stale within 3-4 days after publishing. That means you should be consistently be revising your campaign to gain visitors attention.

“Wrong Type of Facebook Ad.”

There are different types of paid advertisement formats including poll ads, like ads, sampling ads, and others.  In case you are not getting results as per your expectations then it may be due to your wrong choice of Facebook Ads type that may not be appropriate for your particular target market. You should experiment with other types of adverts to see if you get improved results.

“Wrong Ad Placement.”

Facebook offers different types of advertising packages to accommodate the marketers with different budget range. However, advertisements in premium package are guaranteed to be displayed. Therefore if you are not premium package customer and not getting the expected number of impressions, then that means your ads are not being seen properly. Therefore you should consider to increase bid price and take advantage of premium ad placement.

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